Are you missing out on family life...

Are you missing out on family life because your projects are eating up all of your time?

... and yet you still feel like you are treading water and not completing any of them? Do you find yourself awake at night wondering how to get your projects or initiatives implemented? Have you been dreading going to work in the mornings wondering how many uncomfortable conflicts and conversations you need to have today?

You might have the best of intentions of getting organised and yet, the moment you get to work it all goes to pots because of another crisis emerging that needs your attention. 

Is it another conversation with the board or your sponsor telling them that something might not be delivered on time that is fuel for your fear of failure about it ruining your career? How familiar does this sound? 

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How to transform yourself

How to transform yourself

The results we have now in our live and career are the consequence of our habits.

Most of us want to reach our full potential, which means at some stage there are some things that you will want to change from what you are doing now. These things are highly likely to be habitual things. Things you have practised so well that you might not even notice them anymore.

Here are 3 simple steps you might find useful in helping you achieve this transformation:

  1. Self-awareness – identify what you do and think automatically when you want to avoid the pain of what you don’t want to do.  You are becoming aware of your behaviours and the connected thinking.
  2. Understanding the impact of this behaviour and deciding what we might want to change and for what purpose.
  3. Create a new way of thinking and practise the behaviour that goes with it as often as you can in your day to day.  Align it as appropriate along the way.

Each of these steps are explored further below.


Break down - a chance

Break Down - as a chance

How often in your life have you asked yourself the following questions:

  • Is this the right job for me?
  • Why am I saying "YES" when I really want to say no?
  • What can I do to rescue this relationship?
  • How much longer am I going to cope with this stress? 

... and how often did you decide to compromise to the beefit of harmony or out of feelings of responsibility or guilt? I imagine this might have caused some paradimes. What did you choose to go with in the end?     


The ambiguity of the seasons

The ambiguity of the seasons

How are you fairing with the insecurities of our times? The media is full with news about the breakdown of financial markets, relationship dramas, break down of political frames like the EU – even tornados turn up in unusual places!!

In times like this we often tend to forget that change and ambiguity always have been part of our existence, a simple example of this are the four seasons in nature. Some years ago I created a growth cycle that talks to this ambiguity based on the four seasons. 


Vulnerability - something we don't often talk about

Vulnerability - something we don't often talk about...

Recently, I have noticed that the following topics keep popping up as challenges for clients in quite a few of my coaching sessions:

                                     • Shame

                                     • The importance of what others think of me and above all

                                     • Not showing any weakness  

All of these three points are holding people back from becoming the best they can be. Let us take a closer look at the underlying motivations behind these aspects. 


Change is all around us... How do we cope with it?

2016 is coming to a close and with it a year of incredible amount of change. There was Brexit, the US vote and the Austrian Presidential vote to name just a few changes that we experienced.

To enable these massive external shifts to take place, people needed to make different choices than they did before. To make different choices, we usually get to a point of frustration – getting fed up with what is happening currently. We end up talking about it and still, most of the time, don’t see any changes. When might you have experienced such a dilemma? Can you remember what you did?

Changes appear everywhere – and all the time. The human race is part of the evolution and evolution is change! So let’s look at an example of change from an experience I had with one of my clients.


Have you made up your mind?

In some cultures having a strong opinion or making a judgment is seen/perceived as a sign of confidence or power!!  Some might argue that judging helps form opinions. Society teaches us to judge all the time through the media, fashion, politics and religion.  From an early age we learn-know what is right and what is wrong and find our place in life accordingly, right?